Tired Of Feeling Achy And Stiff While Spending Long Hours At Your Desk?

Here is your one-stop solution designed specifically for busy people like you to quickly and effortlessly eliminate your aches and pains for good… without compromising your precious time (or even leaving your work space).

Experience¬†a brand-new¬†kind of productivity in life, a pain-free one¬†ūüĎá

ūüĎƬ† ¬†Zero Flexibility Needed¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†ūüíĮ¬† ¬†Effortless Integration¬†Into Routine¬† ¬† ¬†ūü﹬† ¬†Sustainable, Lasting Results¬† ¬† ¬†ūü§Ě¬† ¬†Risk Free Guarantee
ūüĎƬ†Zero flexibility needed
ūüíĮ¬†Effortless Integration¬†Into Routine
ūü﹬† Sustainable, Lasting Results
ūü§Ě¬† Risk Free Guarantee

"I know I should be moving my body more but work just keeps getting in the way"

‚ėĚÔłŹ Problem Solved.



Alain D. 

It's been two years and my back pain never came back! Thank you Sana!! I still practice my few yoga movements everyday, THANK YOU !!


Anna P. 

"I am already enjoying joints mobility, strength and flexibility I've never had in previous years. Not to mention how much clearer and present my mind feels after just a few sessions(!)"


Phillip K. 

It was my first time trying yoga I must say it was an incredible experience. Sana's teaching style is both calming and motivating, and she creates a welcoming atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease

Meet Alain...


Alain was a man who poured his heart and soul into his work

Investing countless hours ticking off his never-ending to-do list


Amid Alain's unwavering dedication, there lingered an underlying burden...

One that he couldn’t shake no matter how hard he tried

A relentless, throbbing ache and pain in his back which he was aware of every hour he was sat at his desk

It impacted his energy levels and chipped away at his focus...

He often felt the tightness travel up to his neck and shoulders

These nagging aches were constant, restricting his freedom and disrupting his flow

At first, Alain tried to ignore these sensations,

Hoping that they would simply fade away on their own 

But as time went on, he still found himself shifting and fidgeting in his seat trying to find that elusive comfortable position

But here's the remarkable truth that Alain came to realize: 

He didn't have to accept this as his reality. 

He took the plunge and attended my yoga session, having never done it before in his life

And immediately, after only one session, he felt relief from a pain that had been plaguing him for years

He knew this was exactly what had been missing from his life 

Little did he know that this journey would not only¬†eliminate his physical discomfort but also allow him to feel ‚Äúhappier and lighter‚ÄĚ in his days


There Is Hope...

You Will Break Free From Discomfort 

Unlock the formula to immediately release pain, move easier, and transform your working day... without sacrificing your precious time or professional commitments

‚ĚƬ† ¬†And no, you don't need an ounce of flexibility...

‚ĚƬ† ¬†To devote hours each day...

‚ĚƬ† ¬†Or even¬†change your¬†current schedule.¬†

✅   This program is meticulously designed to fit into your busy day with hyper-targeted, time-efficient movements you've probably never heard of

And yes, it really is possible


Hi, I'm Sana

And my life took a drastic turn when the pandemic hit

Back then, I was an international school teacher

When lockdown hit, I went from being an active teacher in the classroom to being sat at my kitchen table 12 hours a day while working from home 

The shift was seriously challenging

Before long, I began to experience the discomfort that comes from prolonged sitting

Because I too was someone who did not regularly move or exercise

I allowed my work to consume me entirely

And when the evening finally came and it was time for me to switch off, I was too mentally drained to do anything but chill and watch TV...

(More sitting!)

I WISH I knew back then what I know now...

That with such little time and effort my entire experience working from home could have been totally different

That's why it's become my mission to share this game-changing solution with people who are in the exact position that I was back then

Who know they need to move more but "just don't have the time" because they're "too busy"

Well, I'm here to show you how to have both

You keep focusing on your work

I'll take care of the movement side of things

And together we'll transform the way you work and liveūüĎá

Jamie P.

My back and hips are often tight, achey and just so uncomfortable from long hours at my desk. 

After only a few sessions with Sana my posture has improved and my niggling aches and pains have pretty much vanished

Even though they're short, I'm always left amazed at the end of the sessions as I feel completely different

My mind is quiet, purposeful, grateful 

And my body feels loose, supple, and totally pain free

I didn't think something like this was going to be possible for me (working 12-14 hours a day sometimes) but Sana has made it so easy 

Some of the sessions are done while I'm still sat in my computer chair

Amazing Sana and I'm so glad to have found you! 

Thank you!!!

Over The Next 4 Weeks...

We'll Build The Habit of Movement One Day At A Time. Get Ready To…


Say goodbye to aches


Eliminate Back Pain


Transform discomfort to relief


Feel calmer


Sit comfortably


Correct your posture


Boost your energy


Combat mental fatigue/burnout

I don't know about you, but as someone who still works long hours on her computer...


Anything that buys me back time...


Supports me in my day...


And helps me thrive and succeed is a winner. 

(And this program ticks all three of those boxes ✅)



- The Busy Person's Path To Pain-Free Productivity -

Scientifically backed,  simple and straight-forward movement therapy to release tightness in your problem areas so you can defy the draining effects of working long hours and feel energised amidst your hectic schedule  
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Break free from the cycle of chronic stiffness
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Make 'pain-free' your new normal
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Excel at your work without being bogged down by physical discomfort
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Enjoy your well-deserved downtime without being haunted by lingering discomfort
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Regain control over your body
ūüĎȬ† ¬†Embrace a life where pain no longer clocks in with you each morning

The Secrets Of This Game-Changing Program Revealed

Simple, Yet Powerful

Discover time-efficient practices that allow you to break the barrier of stiffness as you tackle your tasks

Results Focused

We all know we need good posture, right? Well I'll show you how to achieve that easily and effortlessly. Get ready for comments from your co-workers as they see your results day by day as your aches and pains turn into distant memories 

A Revolutionary Approach to Breaking Free From Back-Pain

Specially targeted sequences designed to immediately alleviate that nagging back pain and provide you the foundation you need to sit for long hours comfortably 

A Little-Known Secret To Relieve Bodily Strain, Tension and Discomfort...Fast

Discover why the answers to your pain cannot be solved using only your body. Once you realise this, everything will change

EXTRAS: The Secret Recipe To Deep Rest, Recovery and Mental Clarity

This honestly might be the most important part of the program. Specifically tailored to your mental recovery after long hours at the desk allowing you to immediately switch-off. Can be done anytime, anywhere.


Marine L.

I love the results I see on myself bringing well-being both to the physical, and the emotional.

Thank you so much Sana!


Nadine P.

Sana is a fantastic instructor. A sessions have a beautiful and natural flow and she helps you find the perfect balance of challenging yourself and doing what feels right for your body.


Katya M.

I really like the classes with Sana, I began to have fun and see the result, my body really became more flexible. In my opinion, Sana has a special patience and good energy.

This Is For You If...

✅   You want to feel good without sacrificing time

✅   You refuse to let discomfort dictate your schedule

✅   You dream of living a more comfortable life

✅   You're tired of feeling trapped in your own body




I want you to begin this transformative journey with complete confidence and excitement about the endless results waiting on the other side

This solution has been crafted with love and care... all so you can experience a new kind of productivity and success in your work life, a pain-free one

 BUT I want you to know that there is absolutely no risk in joining today.

 If you don't love this program, you can request your money back at any point during these 30 days. No questions asked.

I'm confident it is a solution that will seriously help you SO¬†much in your life and I absolutely cannot wait to see you thriving on the other side¬†ūüĎŹ

- Sana


Act Now Before It's Gone! 

Price will rise in August 2023, the opportunity to join at this exclusive price will be gone.

ūü핬†Today, this solution is yours for just $75¬†ūüí•

(Price will increase to $150 in August 2023)

Join Now and Eliminate Your Body's Pain For Good ... 

Or your money back



Laura S.

I am a beginner so I was a bit nervous but Sana was amazing and made it simple enough for me to follow. I think everyone would be able to get something out of it.  Thank you Sana!


Ross A.

Sana's yoga sessions were my first, I think I'm very lucky as everyone who is an experienced yogi that joins our session has told me she is the best they've ever had. She's great!


Lottie C.

Sana allows you to let go of a busy week, & refocus on self care for the mind & body. I love it!